About Us


ATLANTIC MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Is a manufacturer of ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, such as fluorescent Base Housing, Castle Lantern, Acrylic Plastic Globe Lantern, Street Lightning Luminaire Housing, Steel Tapered Tubular Lamp Post, Park and Garden Lanterns and other Electrical Products.

It was founded in year 1958 as partnership, employing only 12 employees. The number since then swelled to 100, and the company has not only acquired the necessary equipment and facilities for full blast manufacturing but the necessary technology as well which made it top in its field of manufacturer.

The manufacturing processes of all AMCO brands utilize the following rigid system of Quality Electrical Products using in Metal Power Press Stamping, Powder Coating and Liquid Spray Painting and Assembling, Major raw materials used in manufacturing are as follows : B.I. Sheets, Steel Plates, Acrylic Plastic Sheet and Aluminum Circle Sheets.

Quality Policy

AMCO is committed in the continuous improvement and to the effectiveness of our quality management system. The top management’s intentions and directions with regard to quality is stated as follows :

  • Atlantic Manufacturing Co., Inc. with trademark “AMCO” a Manufacturer of Electrical Products commits to satisfy our customers by providing Safe and Quality Products at competitive costs.
  • To emphasize the support of this Quality Policy, we the top management staff of AMCO commit to implement & continually improve our Quality System.
  • We all therefore faithfully abide to the content of this policy by understanding and evaluating our policies and objectives.